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Creating a Really Trustworthy and Useful UI

What does trustworthiness and usefulness (or practicality) have to do with web design? Quite simply, the whole UI/UX world revolves around these two end-customer-centric terms.

Long story short, establishing this kind of a trust will give you a hand in creating a solid foundation between you and the end-user, it can boost your sales and product loyalty. This kind of a holistic approach dictates a responsible sense of quality and success and sets the stage for a long-term and valuable user relationship. Today, we have few things to tell you about, which you can do to create a UI that users can trust.

  • Tell users what you will do with the information they provide
  • Tell users if you use cookies to keep track of their actions
  • Establish a privacy policy that explains what you do with user information
  • Use secure connections and HTTPS when possible
  • If something unfortunate happens, explain and remedy it immediately

So, as we've learned today, trust is an important part of a successful user interface and subsequently user experience. Without trust, users will get suspicious and wary of your site and offerings and will be fast to leave your site for your competitors. Without trust, users won’t perform actions on your website - like making purchases or filling out any kinds of forms. Maybe most importantly, a user that does not trust you will share this experience with others.

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